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Friday, March 23, 2007

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thursday march 8th 2007

Cap'n is buffered for a couple of weeks. New episodes on tuesdays and fridays. Also I'm considering rerunning the entire comic on a new site. See if making it a daily could whip up a larger audience.

friday march 2nd 2007

Cap'n has once again returned.
I hope one day to be recognized for the bold and daring lack of unity in style, lazy artwork and unintelligable storyline. If anyone knows about such an award, please let me know. Now, enjoy Cap'n. Start of storyline here.
Celebrate at the forum.

tuesday july 12th 2005

Cap'n is up and running again, with some minor changes in the page design. As always, you're welcome to comment, discuss and praise me in the forum...

tuesday march 22nd 2005

Cap'n was a tad late today because I screwed up the date. Sorry about that. But here's a brandnew episode of weirdness to enjoy. See you next week, for more oddities.
And oh, the forum's not dead! it's just... resting. Yeah, that's it.
No seriously, you can post there. And it will be read. And answered and discussed and stuff.

friday march 4th 2005

Next episode is uploaded. Also added:
An updated castpage, plus a little something about the origin of cap'n which I'll add to in the future

tuesday february 15th 2005

Cap'n will return!
The story was kinda biting me in the ass, but I think I found a satisfactory way to continue it. Updating tuesdays, for the time being :)

tuesday januari 5th 2005

For those of you interested: I started a LiveJournal. Also vague plans to resume Cap'n, if my productivity keeps up...

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